Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Award Goes to...

It is the Sweet home blogger Award for sharing beauty, love and joy. A very talented lady gave me this award...and i am so very honoured to call Sharon of Mana Moon Studios a new friend. Thank you so much for honouring me with this award dear lady. i get to bestow this award on to 5 people.

I am new to dont have alot of regular blogs as yet...and i cant give it back to that limits me even more...LOL!!

In no particular order...i bestow this award on:

France Chevalier of A Canuck in Oz
France is an extremely talented and versatile artist. She never ceases to amaze me. Not only that, she is an extremely witty and giving person, whom i now call a friend.

Kathi Gose- Dragonglass
Kathi is such a generous person, with so much knowledge. She is always prepared to help out a fellow clayer. She also shares me love of Tim Tams!!!

Wendy Hearn of Guru Creations
Wendy is a talented glass artist in Australia. I have recently had the honour of working with some of her beautiful!!! I greatly admire her work.

Melanie Dilday of Clay Happenings

I admire Mel immensely! I admire her commitment to promoting polymer clay in Australia, her generous giving of information and support to all fellow clayers, her wisdom and her beautiful soul.

My very very dear friend Ms Anonymous!!!

She 'gets' me! She makes me laugh and cry...often!!! I love her wit and her passion! I love her happy beads...they never cease to make me smile. She hasnt been around of gets in the way...and i have missed her more than i realised. Perhaps she will pop in more often liven up my days with her witty writing about our profession...teaching!

There...i have bestowed my awards! Thank you to all these wonderful people...for enriching my life!!

My new beadies

Just wanted to share a pic of the new lampies I just bought!

Tania Black is the very talented maker of these beads. I love her work!!!

You can see her flickr album here:

Now to make something that does these beads justice!

She also made these...purchased some time ago!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What was I thinking...

This would have to be the most 'out there' piece iv'e ever produced. I cant decide if i hate it...or love it...haha! My darling OH...informs looks like viking horns...oh yay **rolls eyes**

I have no idea what i was doing when i made these...ummm...horn beads!!!

Thanks to Kathi Gose for showing me a new way of doing a skinner are awesome Kathi!!! MWAH!