Friday, May 30, 2008

Mixed Media...

My latest clay work...some little experimments in mixed media...great fun.

Mixed media calls for some 'lateral thinking' on my part...i really need to let go of my self imposed boundaries for this type of work. But...i really think this is something I really want to keep going with. What do you think?

Pink Cabs...for Jo

I finished 2 gorg glass cabachons that Jo asked me to bead embroider into pendants, for herself and her friend Meegan. I am really very pleased with how they turned out.
The art glass cabs were made by the very talented Wendy Hearn @ Guru Creations.

Wendy has blogged about my work here. Thank you Wendy...your cabs are incredible. they are:

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Iv'e been tagged it seems...i have to confess...i had no idea what the heck that was!!! Thanks so much Ms. Anonymous...such a lubbly friend!! ;)

Apparently i have to tell 6 things that you dont know about me...hmmm...gawd!!! Could be boring!

Ok here goes:

  1. I always wanted to study Agriculture...and become a my Dad. Instead I became a hairdresser and then a teacher.

  2. I think always knew i should never have married my now ex-husband.

  3. I love horses...and rode for years.

  4. I always have to do the right thing...what is with that??? And beat myself up when i actually dont!!!

  5. I am a home body...i like staying at home! If i had my way...i would never go out!

  6. I am not good at relationships. I stuff 'em up...perhaps it comes down to having no faith in myself...not being confident. It that bad that i constantly stress about stuffing up my relationship with the love of my Life!!!

See told ya it would be boring!!! Im not sure who i am tagging! Make it France !!