Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Lovely Blog

I was honoured to be awarded this badge for my blog a second the oh-so talented and lovely Nicole at Beadwright. Thank you so much Nicole.
In light of the fact that I already passed this award on...I wont do it again.

Red and Black

Well it is school holidays for me...thank goodness!!! I know alot of people think that teachers have it easy...good working hours and lots of holidays etc...BUT...It hasnt been an easy year so far for me...and at times I have really struggled. Anyways...I digress...LOL
On the school friend Mel and I do little challenges. She is in another we do this on msn...its fun.
The criteria for the first mini challenge was 'a pendant that had to feature the colour red'.
I decided on seedies...but the brio's wouldnt 3 tries down the is finished...Taadaaa!!! (except i have to finish the bail)


This necklace features extruded polymer clay beads made by me...and little wire beads...also made by me. I wanted the necklace to look quite i just piled up all the beads (except the black ones) and just threaded...yikes!!! It turned out ok...I have such a symmetrical mind and eye...that I find this sort of thing really challenging and disconcerting...LOL