Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Awarded again

I have recieved the Spreader of Love award again...arent i lucky.
This time the very lovely Belinda Saville of Bead Fetish has bestowed me!!!

Belinda is a new blogging friend...she is also a member of the Australian Beading Forum.

She is amazingly talented with those little wretches...seed beads.

Thank you for bestowing the award Belinda...i am going to be naughty and not pass on the i already have done that...and the people i would award...have already recieved this...OK?

Monday, December 29, 2008


why dont you give me a call....!!!!

My first attempt at making seedie rings. The first one nearly did my head in...LOL. I found the second one that usual? That the second time you make something similar it gets easier?

I raided my precious button tin for the buttons. The blue button is an antique one...from the button tin my Nan gave me many years ago. I love looking through the tin and remembering the dress or blouse she had worn. I recall she took buttons off everything after it's use-by-date. Julie she would never know when you might need a button!!!! :)

Well she was right!!! I needed that button today!!! Thank you for your frugalness Nan.

Well, needless to say, the two daughters decided they have to have one or two. Emily has claimed the silvery grey one and has ordered a pink one. Sophie has put in an order for a yellow one!!! So i guess i am making a few more.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to you!!!

Well its that time...i do believe i am on track. Presents are wrapped, ice-cream cakes are just made, salads tomorrow...i dont think i've forgotten least i darn well hope not...yikes!
We are off to my sisters for the day, we take turn about years. All good...we dont have to clean up this year...wooooo!!
Small problem...ugh...I ordered a dress online...well it arrived today...and its like a bloody sack...about 3 sizes too big...i mean i know im a chubby bubby...but i aint that big!!! Humph. So now i have no chrissie outfit to wear...bugger! i started!!!
Merry Christmas to my special blogging friends, and the small amount of people who even read my blog. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment...i appreciate the time you take and it has made this short time of blogging ever so pleasant!
Stay safe, be careful, eat lots, drink lots and see you all soon. Lubs and kisses!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Designer Quest Entry

The latest Designer Quest at the Australian Beading Forum is being hosted by Jo at Cranberry Bead-ilicious Beads. All members wishing to participate purchase a pack of beads (usually 2 choices) and then have a set timeframe to create something with this pack. The challenge is to try to use all beads and not add any 'extras'. Very challenging!!!

We all posted our creations over this week and are now waiting to find out who will be the winner. I dont envy Jo and Yvonne's job one bit...such gorg entries (unfortunately you need to be a member to view them all). is my entry. Its interesting...LOL...and HUGE!!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Spreader of Love award!!!

This award was bestowed on me by a lady i greatly admire...for her humour, insight and talent..Sharon from Mana moon Studio's. She has touched my heart greatly in the short time i have known her.

And i also think she knows how much I love hearts ;)

I have to post a copy of this award on my blogm mention who gave me the award (done) and pass the award onto 6 hear goes!!!

I bestow this award on:

Ok...i know thats only 5...but there ya go...i am being a rebel!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I beaded

I finally had time to bead now that the renovations are over.

This necklace is called "Black Batik", so named for Tania Black, the very talented lampwork artist who created the beads. I love Tania's beads and now have a nice little stash of them

These earrings are also made with Tania Black lampies...little rosebuds!!! They are adorable. I used Swaros with these.

Monday, November 10, 2008

It will be over soon...

and i shall become a more dedicated blogger-type person!!! I just havent had time to dedicate to the land of cyber of late...renovations, reports to write...etc...etc
Our renovation property is nearly done...i am burnt out and at breaking point really!!! I dont want to see a paint tin/brush or ceramic tile or garden shovel in a VERRRRRRRRRRY long time!!!
My back legs ache...ok...everything bloody aches!!! All the time!!
I have lost my sense of humour...hopefully to be found again soon...LOL...yes i am smiling...through gritted teeth...but smiling.
So of course...just as we finish this grand adventure...the stock market crashes and real estate prices take a dive...yep...just our luck!!! shall all be over soon!!! I keep saying that!!! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Belated birthday pressie me!!!!

My dear friend, Mel sent me a belated birthday oh my...was it worth waiting for!!!!

It is totally AWESOME!!! Wanna see?????
I got so many of my favourite ones!!! a notebook, heart sticky notes, a little heart glass bowl, heart choccies...mmmmmmmmmmmm...a gorg little box...that had beady goodness inside!!!
The beadies were the best...Mel makes the most gorg poly clay flower beadies!!! I now have a stunning orange (i am in love with orange at the mo) set...a most beautiful wired heart with matching earrings. I also have some beadies to create with...a bag of clay roses, pink disc textured pendant, mokume gane heart beads, pink flower beads and some red and black glass heart beads!!! I am so lucky!!!
I lubs you are the bestest friend!!!! MWAH

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My new do!!

Just for Sharon!!!!

I am a natural gets boring!!! So decided to put a colour in my hair...its kinda an orangy colour, but i quite like it, actually!!!

What do you think?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Faux bone Chanel

Chanel Oldfield is a very talented wire worker and seed beader...we both belong to a wonderful beading forum. Chanel is the lady who I made some custom faux bone cabachons for...a little while back.
Well...exciting for me, she has used some of the create the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. I have to is really exciting to see my polymer clay work made into finished beauty!!!!

Thank you Chanel, you are so you go...piccies for you of the cuff and pendant.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monthly Challenge- Mokume Gane

This month (September) we began monthly challenges on our Aussiepolyclayers forum. I was asked to be the hostess for this month and chose the theme...I love mokume gane now and have begun to really understand the whole idea of it was natural I chose this technique to start off with.

The members of this lovely forum really jumped on board and have posted some amazing creations. I wish to thank everyone of them for making this...our first monthly challenge sonmuch fun. I have enjoyed looking at each and every entry. Thank you so much!!!

Here is a sampling of the entries...look here if you want to see them all.
Melanie Dilday

Monday, September 15, 2008

Galaxy and some Jangles

I have made some more Mokume Gane...yes...i am slightly addicted!!!! ;)
This time i made a cuff and a ring. I like how the cuff feels on...chunky but comfy. I am not fussed on the ring...its abit 'bobbly' for me!!
I like how the colours turned out in this stack...i used some silver leaf in there...but it didnt really show much....enough for a little sparkle.
I also played around with a different effect on my jangles (so named after Joyce...the wonderful lady who shared her idea of using eggrings for bangle blanks) is kinda twisty ( yes a very technical word). I really ro like the effect...but i think i will play around with it abit more...when i have some more time. I would like i to be more textured, rougher. Will see!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I bought myself a birthday present!!!!

Some absomolutely scrumptious lampy beads from a very talented lampworker, Tania Black.

She is one of my favourite lampworkers here in Aus. I have it on good authority she is dreaming up more beads to tempt me...LOL...i dont mind at all!!!! ;)

You can see more of Tania's work here

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear sweet Kay

I wanted to tell the few people out there...who read my blog about a wonderful lady...whom I am honoured to call, friend. Kay lives on the other side of Australia to me...but we were lucky enough to meet....IRL a few months ago...i am adopted fairy godmother for her daughter Kat and grandson Rhys, while they lives here in my town. Kay and I spent some lovely moments together during her visit, talking, drinking, beading and learning. I sent her back to Victoria with a list of beads and supplies i was in need bead shop here.

My parcel arrived in conjunction with a parcel for Kat...we had a ball oooohing and ahhhing over the pretties together. But...what blew me away, was the "extra's" i found in my parcel. So i wanted to share with you all my pretties from Kay...such pretties!!!!! Ceramic beads, hollow glass, pewter, seedies, glass pendants, lampwork beads, eqyptian type metal...and my most favourite, a huge red heart!!!

I felt truly overjoyed knowing that someone cares enough to make my day...actually more...week...month...LOL. I have been struggling with some inner turmoil over the last month or this is my dear friends way of saying...i care. I thank her from the bottom of my heart...i hope she knows how much i appreciate her friendship and her kind ways....words arent enough! made a sad, confused soul!!! I thank you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Faux Turquoise

These cabachons were made for a custom order...the same lady who is taking the faux bone!

She is very happy with them...phew!!!!

She wanted some chinese-eastern the colour is more greenish than blue...i really like the colour.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Latest offerings!

Faux Bone/Ivory

These cabachons were made for a custom order. The lady in question has chosen 2 cabs...with one of the bigger ones and the tubes being 'grabbed' by a dear friend! I was planning to make earring with the shall be making some more.

I have been thinking about making lots of different cabs and stocking them on my website (my SADLY neglected website)...will see!


I made this necklace using 3 of my mokume gane pendants...thought it was a good idea!

BUT...i am not liking the way it is sitting. I posted a photo on Flickr...and some of my lovely and very talented contacts gave me some feeback. The general consensus from these to use each pendant individually...and I think they are right...there is just too much necklace. Will post some more pics when i get round to making 3 necklaces...LOL!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For Relle

My friend, Relle has her birthday tomorrow...and this is what i made her!!! She will be getting it terrible at getting presents in the mail on time...and it has to travel all the way to the other side of Aus!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mokume gane

's school holidays...i waited for my creativity to come rolling in...i have 2 weeks of free time ahead of me...some of that child free...i waited...and then....i got...A COLD!!!!
Despite streaming eyes and a running nose...i did manage to clay...go on...applaud me ;)

I did some mokume gane...i found a tute on parole de pate

So sort of tried that...then i made some pendants inspired by a tute from Marcia Palmer!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Award Goes to...

It is the Sweet home blogger Award for sharing beauty, love and joy. A very talented lady gave me this award...and i am so very honoured to call Sharon of Mana Moon Studios a new friend. Thank you so much for honouring me with this award dear lady. i get to bestow this award on to 5 people.

I am new to dont have alot of regular blogs as yet...and i cant give it back to that limits me even more...LOL!!

In no particular order...i bestow this award on:

France Chevalier of A Canuck in Oz
France is an extremely talented and versatile artist. She never ceases to amaze me. Not only that, she is an extremely witty and giving person, whom i now call a friend.

Kathi Gose- Dragonglass
Kathi is such a generous person, with so much knowledge. She is always prepared to help out a fellow clayer. She also shares me love of Tim Tams!!!

Wendy Hearn of Guru Creations
Wendy is a talented glass artist in Australia. I have recently had the honour of working with some of her beautiful!!! I greatly admire her work.

Melanie Dilday of Clay Happenings

I admire Mel immensely! I admire her commitment to promoting polymer clay in Australia, her generous giving of information and support to all fellow clayers, her wisdom and her beautiful soul.

My very very dear friend Ms Anonymous!!!

She 'gets' me! She makes me laugh and cry...often!!! I love her wit and her passion! I love her happy beads...they never cease to make me smile. She hasnt been around of gets in the way...and i have missed her more than i realised. Perhaps she will pop in more often liven up my days with her witty writing about our profession...teaching!

There...i have bestowed my awards! Thank you to all these wonderful people...for enriching my life!!

My new beadies

Just wanted to share a pic of the new lampies I just bought!

Tania Black is the very talented maker of these beads. I love her work!!!

You can see her flickr album here:

Now to make something that does these beads justice!

She also made these...purchased some time ago!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What was I thinking...

This would have to be the most 'out there' piece iv'e ever produced. I cant decide if i hate it...or love it...haha! My darling OH...informs looks like viking horns...oh yay **rolls eyes**

I have no idea what i was doing when i made these...ummm...horn beads!!!

Thanks to Kathi Gose for showing me a new way of doing a skinner are awesome Kathi!!! MWAH!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mixed Media...

My latest clay work...some little experimments in mixed media...great fun.

Mixed media calls for some 'lateral thinking' on my part...i really need to let go of my self imposed boundaries for this type of work. But...i really think this is something I really want to keep going with. What do you think?

Pink Cabs...for Jo

I finished 2 gorg glass cabachons that Jo asked me to bead embroider into pendants, for herself and her friend Meegan. I am really very pleased with how they turned out.
The art glass cabs were made by the very talented Wendy Hearn @ Guru Creations.

Wendy has blogged about my work here. Thank you Wendy...your cabs are incredible. they are:

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Iv'e been tagged it seems...i have to confess...i had no idea what the heck that was!!! Thanks so much Ms. Anonymous...such a lubbly friend!! ;)

Apparently i have to tell 6 things that you dont know about me...hmmm...gawd!!! Could be boring!

Ok here goes:

  1. I always wanted to study Agriculture...and become a my Dad. Instead I became a hairdresser and then a teacher.

  2. I think always knew i should never have married my now ex-husband.

  3. I love horses...and rode for years.

  4. I always have to do the right thing...what is with that??? And beat myself up when i actually dont!!!

  5. I am a home body...i like staying at home! If i had my way...i would never go out!

  6. I am not good at relationships. I stuff 'em up...perhaps it comes down to having no faith in myself...not being confident. It that bad that i constantly stress about stuffing up my relationship with the love of my Life!!!

See told ya it would be boring!!! Im not sure who i am tagging! Make it France !!

Friday, April 25, 2008


While in Perth..we went to the Perth Motor was so awesome!!

I am abit of a is Michael...well...he is a huge revhead. He found a new toy...he wishes!!! It's on $28,000...when he wins LOTTO...sure!

BUT...i found the Holden merchandise shop...and got me some stuffs!!! A jacket and hat...WOOHOO!

My Perth Visit!!!

It was great...i had a BALL!!! I spent way too much money on lots of things...but i needed them all. Especially the beadies!!!

The very lubbly Nat... thank you Nat...came and picked me up for the drive out to Jo's house (we chatted like old mates the whole way...i knew we would ;))... Long way!!! Jo was just how i imagined she would be!!! And we had the yummiest lunch...then it was time to drool over gemmies!!!
I had beadies spead all around cool!!!

Thank you Jo and was awesome to meet you both!!

Nat, Me and Jo
Here i am drooling over the beadies...

My Pretties...i think i got the names right...hehe! You can visit Jo @

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am excited!!! One more sleep...and i get to go to Perth!!! I get to meet a lady iv'e become friends with online...shes sweet and funny! :)
I get to meet a lady who i used to chat to all the time...until stuff happened! She has the most delicious beadies...and i cant wait to touch!
I get to see 2 lubbly friends...and their bubbies...who i havent met yet!
I get to SHOP!!!!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


As i was saying...trying to build up depleted stock...i find 'simple' is often what sells...well, I like simple!

So here are some of the things ive been making over the school holidays!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Put on ya sunnies!!!

I have been trying to build up some stock...with the idea of having an open house in some stage. My beading mojo has been fairly absent of i have had my lubbly friend Mel...being my colour co-ordinator the last few days. We had a slight misunderstanding yesterday...she said " royal blue &/or lime green" she dashed off!!!!!

I read... royal blue and lime green...and then said "WTF"!!! but...

i took up the challenge...and this is what i did..."put on ya sunnies...LOL

Friday, April 11, 2008

My cabs...

So prettily dressed up in seedies by Joanne Ivy of Cranberry.
I made these polymer clay cabachons earlier this year...or was it last year??? Well...around the time i became interested in seedies. My first ever cabs!!!! I sent some to Jo...for her to turn into lubbly beaded/ bezelled cabs...Jo is a very talented seed beader. This is what she did with them!
To say I was chuffed...was an understatement!
Thank you Jo!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I dreamed a design...

BUT...too late!!! Last night I dreamed my Designer Quest design for the Beading Forum. Only problem is...its closed and I've already submitted my design...*sigh*.

Why do I do that...dream a design!!! It's no good to me when I am asleep...der!

It rocked too...oh well...file that away for another necklace...another time!

The Designer Quest happens several times a year over at the beading purchase a pack of beads...and make something from these packs. Very challenging! is my entry...its nice...but not inspiring!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I like a chat...

So perhaps my chats aka meanderings should have a purpose. I see lots of 'Artists' discussing their polymer clay and bead i am jumping on the bandwagon. Perhaps my meanderings should be called...." the meanderings of a non-artist...coz im not an artist...not yet!
Dont let that stop you from joining me in my meanderings...please no!
So...this blog is about polymer clay and beading...and possibly lots of other things that may pop up in my life!!!!!