Friday, April 25, 2008


While in Perth..we went to the Perth Motor was so awesome!!

I am abit of a is Michael...well...he is a huge revhead. He found a new toy...he wishes!!! It's on $28,000...when he wins LOTTO...sure!

BUT...i found the Holden merchandise shop...and got me some stuffs!!! A jacket and hat...WOOHOO!

My Perth Visit!!!

It was great...i had a BALL!!! I spent way too much money on lots of things...but i needed them all. Especially the beadies!!!

The very lubbly Nat... thank you Nat...came and picked me up for the drive out to Jo's house (we chatted like old mates the whole way...i knew we would ;))... Long way!!! Jo was just how i imagined she would be!!! And we had the yummiest lunch...then it was time to drool over gemmies!!!
I had beadies spead all around cool!!!

Thank you Jo and was awesome to meet you both!!

Nat, Me and Jo
Here i am drooling over the beadies...

My Pretties...i think i got the names right...hehe! You can visit Jo @

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I am excited!!! One more sleep...and i get to go to Perth!!! I get to meet a lady iv'e become friends with online...shes sweet and funny! :)
I get to meet a lady who i used to chat to all the time...until stuff happened! She has the most delicious beadies...and i cant wait to touch!
I get to see 2 lubbly friends...and their bubbies...who i havent met yet!
I get to SHOP!!!!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


As i was saying...trying to build up depleted stock...i find 'simple' is often what sells...well, I like simple!

So here are some of the things ive been making over the school holidays!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Put on ya sunnies!!!

I have been trying to build up some stock...with the idea of having an open house in some stage. My beading mojo has been fairly absent of i have had my lubbly friend Mel...being my colour co-ordinator the last few days. We had a slight misunderstanding yesterday...she said " royal blue &/or lime green" she dashed off!!!!!

I read... royal blue and lime green...and then said "WTF"!!! but...

i took up the challenge...and this is what i did..."put on ya sunnies...LOL

Friday, April 11, 2008

My cabs...

So prettily dressed up in seedies by Joanne Ivy of Cranberry.
I made these polymer clay cabachons earlier this year...or was it last year??? Well...around the time i became interested in seedies. My first ever cabs!!!! I sent some to Jo...for her to turn into lubbly beaded/ bezelled cabs...Jo is a very talented seed beader. This is what she did with them!
To say I was chuffed...was an understatement!
Thank you Jo!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I dreamed a design...

BUT...too late!!! Last night I dreamed my Designer Quest design for the Beading Forum. Only problem is...its closed and I've already submitted my design...*sigh*.

Why do I do that...dream a design!!! It's no good to me when I am asleep...der!

It rocked too...oh well...file that away for another necklace...another time!

The Designer Quest happens several times a year over at the beading purchase a pack of beads...and make something from these packs. Very challenging! is my entry...its nice...but not inspiring!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I like a chat...

So perhaps my chats aka meanderings should have a purpose. I see lots of 'Artists' discussing their polymer clay and bead i am jumping on the bandwagon. Perhaps my meanderings should be called...." the meanderings of a non-artist...coz im not an artist...not yet!
Dont let that stop you from joining me in my meanderings...please no!
So...this blog is about polymer clay and beading...and possibly lots of other things that may pop up in my life!!!!!