Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Awarded again

I have recieved the Spreader of Love award again...arent i lucky.
This time the very lovely Belinda Saville of Bead Fetish has bestowed me!!!

Belinda is a new blogging friend...she is also a member of the Australian Beading Forum.

She is amazingly talented with those little wretches...seed beads.

Thank you for bestowing the award Belinda...i am going to be naughty and not pass on the i already have done that...and the people i would award...have already recieved this...OK?

Monday, December 29, 2008


why dont you give me a call....!!!!

My first attempt at making seedie rings. The first one nearly did my head in...LOL. I found the second one that usual? That the second time you make something similar it gets easier?

I raided my precious button tin for the buttons. The blue button is an antique one...from the button tin my Nan gave me many years ago. I love looking through the tin and remembering the dress or blouse she had worn. I recall she took buttons off everything after it's use-by-date. Julie she would never know when you might need a button!!!! :)

Well she was right!!! I needed that button today!!! Thank you for your frugalness Nan.

Well, needless to say, the two daughters decided they have to have one or two. Emily has claimed the silvery grey one and has ordered a pink one. Sophie has put in an order for a yellow one!!! So i guess i am making a few more.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to you!!!

Well its that time...i do believe i am on track. Presents are wrapped, ice-cream cakes are just made, salads tomorrow...i dont think i've forgotten least i darn well hope not...yikes!
We are off to my sisters for the day, we take turn about years. All good...we dont have to clean up this year...wooooo!!
Small problem...ugh...I ordered a dress online...well it arrived today...and its like a bloody sack...about 3 sizes too big...i mean i know im a chubby bubby...but i aint that big!!! Humph. So now i have no chrissie outfit to wear...bugger! i started!!!
Merry Christmas to my special blogging friends, and the small amount of people who even read my blog. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment...i appreciate the time you take and it has made this short time of blogging ever so pleasant!
Stay safe, be careful, eat lots, drink lots and see you all soon. Lubs and kisses!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Designer Quest Entry

The latest Designer Quest at the Australian Beading Forum is being hosted by Jo at Cranberry Bead-ilicious Beads. All members wishing to participate purchase a pack of beads (usually 2 choices) and then have a set timeframe to create something with this pack. The challenge is to try to use all beads and not add any 'extras'. Very challenging!!!

We all posted our creations over this week and are now waiting to find out who will be the winner. I dont envy Jo and Yvonne's job one bit...such gorg entries (unfortunately you need to be a member to view them all). is my entry. Its interesting...LOL...and HUGE!!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Spreader of Love award!!!

This award was bestowed on me by a lady i greatly admire...for her humour, insight and talent..Sharon from Mana moon Studio's. She has touched my heart greatly in the short time i have known her.

And i also think she knows how much I love hearts ;)

I have to post a copy of this award on my blogm mention who gave me the award (done) and pass the award onto 6 hear goes!!!

I bestow this award on:

Ok...i know thats only 5...but there ya go...i am being a rebel!!!