Saturday, November 29, 2008

I beaded

I finally had time to bead now that the renovations are over.

This necklace is called "Black Batik", so named for Tania Black, the very talented lampwork artist who created the beads. I love Tania's beads and now have a nice little stash of them

These earrings are also made with Tania Black lampies...little rosebuds!!! They are adorable. I used Swaros with these.

Monday, November 10, 2008

It will be over soon...

and i shall become a more dedicated blogger-type person!!! I just havent had time to dedicate to the land of cyber of late...renovations, reports to write...etc...etc
Our renovation property is nearly done...i am burnt out and at breaking point really!!! I dont want to see a paint tin/brush or ceramic tile or garden shovel in a VERRRRRRRRRRY long time!!!
My back legs ache...ok...everything bloody aches!!! All the time!!
I have lost my sense of humour...hopefully to be found again soon...LOL...yes i am smiling...through gritted teeth...but smiling.
So of course...just as we finish this grand adventure...the stock market crashes and real estate prices take a dive...yep...just our luck!!! shall all be over soon!!! I keep saying that!!! :)