Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back from Holidays

My favourite beach ...Twilight Cove

Favourite fishing spot and just...being spot...Bandy Creek Harbour.

Michael rock fishing at Lucky Bay...known for having the whitest sand in Aus!

Hi all,We have just got back from our yearly sojourn to Esperance. Esperance for those who dont on the south east coast of Western stop if you travel Antartica!! And you can tell...the water is freezing in Esperance...don't get me wrong...that doesn nothing to lessen the appeal of the place!!! It tests your mettle each time you take a dip...hehe!Esperance is a small, quaint town...despite the fact that it has a huge tourist population during summer and school holidays. Sometimes the place feels like its fit to overflow! I have been going there ever since I was a child...and I still love it!So...I thought I would share some pictures of our Esperance holiday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

WOW...50 Followers!!!

I awoke this morning to find that I have 50 exciting!!
I said in a previous post that IF I ever got to 50 followers...I would have a little giveaway!!!
So it seems...the time has come...I am going to have a little giveaway!! Stay tuned...I ned to have a think about what it is going to be and when!!!
 I go on 2 weeks holiday it will happen when I get back...stay tuned!! And be good while I am away!! xxxxxxx

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sparkly Wheels

I am addicted to making sparly wheels!!! While sorting through my beading mags for holiday projects...I came across a tute for making little sparkly wheels in on of this years Beadwork mags...written by Melinda Barta!!! Highly addictive...lots of fun...easy and quick!!! So I've made lots...and have more on the way!! :)