Sunday, May 11, 2008


Iv'e been tagged it seems...i have to confess...i had no idea what the heck that was!!! Thanks so much Ms. Anonymous...such a lubbly friend!! ;)

Apparently i have to tell 6 things that you dont know about me...hmmm...gawd!!! Could be boring!

Ok here goes:

  1. I always wanted to study Agriculture...and become a my Dad. Instead I became a hairdresser and then a teacher.

  2. I think always knew i should never have married my now ex-husband.

  3. I love horses...and rode for years.

  4. I always have to do the right thing...what is with that??? And beat myself up when i actually dont!!!

  5. I am a home body...i like staying at home! If i had my way...i would never go out!

  6. I am not good at relationships. I stuff 'em up...perhaps it comes down to having no faith in myself...not being confident. It that bad that i constantly stress about stuffing up my relationship with the love of my Life!!!

See told ya it would be boring!!! Im not sure who i am tagging! Make it France !!


France said...

Hi Julz! Good thing I'm a faithful reader of your blog! I've been tagged before... see here
I found it very interesting about #2 fact about you, and I'm so sorry about the last fact... Hope it mends in some way (your heart, or the relationship).

Julz said...

Oh poo...sorry France...i didnt know you had already been tagged!
And thank you for being my one and only faithful reader...that is so sweet!!!
It isnt actually broken France...i just stress out about me stuffing it up! Life is good really!
Thanks again gorg lady!

France said...

urgh! I need to read slower!
Well, I'm really GLAD to hear that (I mean that it's not stuffed up)
I say (and you did not ask) talk, when you think you're losing confidence, have a little chat with your partner, after you ask yourself if it's really worth it or if it's just your mind playing tricks!
:) xox

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so happy I finally found your blog!! You posting wasn't boring at all, I can relate to a lot of what you said, even the exhusband. :) It was a great posting and your newest creations are beautiful!! ~Sharon

Julz said...

Thank you so much so glad you found me too!!!
Ex-husbands...ugh!!! LOL