Monday, July 7, 2008

Mokume gane

's school holidays...i waited for my creativity to come rolling in...i have 2 weeks of free time ahead of me...some of that child free...i waited...and then....i got...A COLD!!!!
Despite streaming eyes and a running nose...i did manage to clay...go on...applaud me ;)

I did some mokume gane...i found a tute on parole de pate

So sort of tried that...then i made some pendants inspired by a tute from Marcia Palmer!


France said...

OMG! the black/silver/gold ones!!! They are gorgeous!!!
Absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous! I'm gonna have to check out that Marcia Palmer!!
Your replacement mould is on its way to me!
Ciao bella!

Marcia P. said...

Hi Julz,
Your pendants look absolutley fantastic! I am so pleased my tute could provide you some inspiration.
I love your mixed media pieces too! So, I'll have to check your blog posts when I need inspiration.
Great work!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm applauding, not just for the fact that you accomplished so much while having a cold, ugh!, but that you created such gorgeous work!! Just fabulous (and I hope you're feeling better)!

Julz said...

Thank you my dear France...Marcia is rather amazingly talented!!
Wow...Marcia!!!! How on earth did you find me? Thank you lady!! You tute is a great one...i love how it is so simple and straight forward...i will be using it time and time again. You honour me with your comments!
Sharon...thank you...and i am feeling slightly better after reading your kind words :)

Mel said...

Julz, these are absolutely gorgeous! I love mokume gane and use all kinds of different methods. I haven't seen Marcias tutorial...I love her have a link for her tute?