Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear sweet Kay

I wanted to tell the few people out there...who read my blog about a wonderful lady...whom I am honoured to call, friend. Kay lives on the other side of Australia to me...but we were lucky enough to meet....IRL a few months ago...i am adopted fairy godmother for her daughter Kat and grandson Rhys, while they lives here in my town. Kay and I spent some lovely moments together during her visit, talking, drinking, beading and learning. I sent her back to Victoria with a list of beads and supplies i was in need bead shop here.

My parcel arrived in conjunction with a parcel for Kat...we had a ball oooohing and ahhhing over the pretties together. But...what blew me away, was the "extra's" i found in my parcel. So i wanted to share with you all my pretties from Kay...such pretties!!!!! Ceramic beads, hollow glass, pewter, seedies, glass pendants, lampwork beads, eqyptian type metal...and my most favourite, a huge red heart!!!

I felt truly overjoyed knowing that someone cares enough to make my day...actually more...week...month...LOL. I have been struggling with some inner turmoil over the last month or this is my dear friends way of saying...i care. I thank her from the bottom of my heart...i hope she knows how much i appreciate her friendship and her kind ways....words arent enough! made a sad, confused soul!!! I thank you.


Kay said...

Oh I've got tears...
Thank YOU Julz sweetie. For being such a good friend and also for looking after my babies. You don't know what it means to me to have you there for them. I'm so looking forward to my next trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julz, how absolutely WONDERFUL!! I know exactly how you feel and it's so true that words just can't express the joy and excitement we feel when someone sends us such luscious treasures!! I can't wait to see what you create with all your goodies and I'm sure your imagination is a-whirl with new ideas!! Congrats my friend, you absolutely deserve it!! :)

France said...

Julzie! Inner Turmoils... that's not good! I hope the calm returns soon!!

Julz said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww...didnt mean to make you cry, Kay!!! LOL
Yes Sharon...good friends are such a joy!!! I keep looking at my pretties...looking...looking...LOL
France...things are more settled now...thank you for asking...its not easy living in a step relationship. Calm...i like the sound of that!!! ;)