Saturday, November 29, 2008

I beaded

I finally had time to bead now that the renovations are over.

This necklace is called "Black Batik", so named for Tania Black, the very talented lampwork artist who created the beads. I love Tania's beads and now have a nice little stash of them

These earrings are also made with Tania Black lampies...little rosebuds!!! They are adorable. I used Swaros with these.


Anonymous said...

Arr Julz...Thank you..=0)
The 'Black Batik' are still my favourite set.
Love what you have done with them.
Rose earrings are lovely.


Anonymous said...

Oh your newest creations are just gorgeous and the beads are fabulous!

Mylene said...

Oooh, very smart Julz..lovely necklace!

Anonymous said...

Please stop by my blog when you have a moment, I've left an award for you♥

Julz said...

Thank you girls!!! I love this necklace...its just so good to wear!
Glad you like it Tania!!!
An On my way Sharon! :)