Sunday, January 4, 2009

The 1000th Jewellery Creation Giveaway

My special friend, Sharon from Mana Moon Studio's is about to reach an amazing milestone in her jewellery making career. She has nearly produced 1000 of her amazing wire woven beaded bracelet...they are utterly amazing!!! goodness...that is pretty incredible!

In honour of her huge milestone, Sharon is having a giveaway competition...the prize...a unique wire woven beaded bracelet of course!!!


Anonymous said...

You're such a darling Julz! Thanks for the giveaway shout out, you're now officially entered twice. ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! (I'm seriously loving your new finger candy creations!)♥

Julz said...

Thanks Sharon...good luck with your 1000 creation.
I am seriously addicted to these little rings...LOL