Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Lucky

I feel very blessed to have recieved the most beautiful and original gift!!! This gift is from a new blogging friend... Lynda Moseley of SCDiva and comes to me as my "Pay it Forward" gift!!! What a gift!!!

I confess to covetting many of Lynda's stunning and unique pendants and brooches...and now I have some...SEE!!!

Thank you Lynda...the pieces you chose for me are even more lovely in real life. You are amazingly talented and a very special lady. This was fun!!!


Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hey, Julie. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment!

I'm so glad you like the pendants. I had fun doing this and hope we can do it again some time! :)

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hey, Julie! I just wanted to let you know I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award for your wonderfully informative and inspiring blog.

I received the award from Dori at and wanted to pass it along to you. :)

You can visit my blog at to find out how to pass along the award to 15 of your favorite bloggers.

Thanks, girlfriend, and congratulations!


Mana Moon Studios said...

Wow! Congratulations and I understand completely why you coveted them!! Weee♥