Thursday, August 6, 2009

Premio Meme Award...

I somehow missed seeing that I had been given this apologies dear Sharon.
I was awarded the Premio Meme Award By my friend sharon at Mana Moon Studios! I'm honored she's chosen me to be one of her recipients of this fun award! Thank you. So here's how it works....I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself and then pass on the award to 7 others.

Here goes:

1. I used to be a hairdresser and am rather obssessive about my hair...hehe

2. I love learing about anything to do with Ancient Egypt

3. I didnt get my driver's license until I turned 19...lazy!!!

4. I turn 45 next week

5. I am left handed

6. I am a teacher and University Mentor

7. I come from a very smal farming town...not that far down the road from where I live now.
I am passing the award onto:
Belinda at Bead Fetish
Kerrie at Kerrie Slade handwoven beadwork
Lynda at SCDiva


Anonymous said...

Oh I know how time can get away from us and it was SO wonderful reading and learning more about you! ;-)

Wishing you a very ♫Happy Birthday♫ in advance and perhaps one of these days we'll meet and talk all about ancient cultures!

Maryanne said...

aawww shucks, thanks Julz. :)

Kerrie Slade said...

Hey Julie! Interesting facts, there are a few I didn't know there ;0) Thanks for passing it on to me - I'll come up with something next time I get around to blogging lol!

Kerrie x

Nellie said...

Sorry Julz I didnt even realise LOL... should read comments more often! I will try and participate later today!

luv nellie