Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just a little bit scary!!!

My brother, sister in law and my two nephews (and the 2 dogs) are facing the threat of evacuation from their home in Emerald, Queensland. Its been raining there for weeks really. The news reports are saying that 80% of the town could be under water!!! Thats the scary part.
Shane assures me they will be fine...that they are on fairly high ground...but I cant say my fears are allayed any. Its quite concerning when we are on opposite sides or our rather large country. Mind you...I am sure it is somewhat more alarming for them though...;)
I am praying they will be fine in their home and that I wont see them being rescued from their rooftop on the news...YES...a sense of humour is essential in these time!! :)
Cross your fingies for them...and all Queenslanders affected by these floods please!!


Mylene said...

The floods have certainly been devastating across Qld and NSW. It's hard to imagine that just two short years ago we were experiencing water shortages. I hope and pray your family stays safe and indeed that everyone affected will recover quickly once the water recedes.

Julz said...

Thank you Mylene!! Yes it is so hard to imagine. Over here in WA...we are in the middle of one of the worst droughts...we cant get a single drop of water!!! Go figure! Last night the water was lapping at the back of their home.