Friday, April 25, 2008


While in Perth..we went to the Perth Motor was so awesome!!

I am abit of a is Michael...well...he is a huge revhead. He found a new toy...he wishes!!! It's on $28,000...when he wins LOTTO...sure!

BUT...i found the Holden merchandise shop...and got me some stuffs!!! A jacket and hat...WOOHOO!


France said...

I hope you were right in perth and nowhere near Fremantle, cos if you came near here and you didn't tell me, I'm never talking to you again! (not that I would have had much time to have fun but I would have wanted to know you were so near! LOL!).....
I'm so glad you had a good time, those beads are GORGEOUS! Love the green ones.

Julz said...

Oh France...i would have loved to meet you!!! I was staying right in the city...but did end up out at Roleystone at one stage (were i got the beadies. Next time...lets meet!!!??