Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to you!!!

Well its that time...i do believe i am on track. Presents are wrapped, ice-cream cakes are just made, salads tomorrow...i dont think i've forgotten anyone...at least i darn well hope not...yikes!
We are off to my sisters for the day, we take turn about years. All good...we dont have to clean up this year...wooooo!!
Small problem...ugh...I ordered a dress online...well it arrived today...and its like a bloody sack...about 3 sizes too big...i mean i know im a chubby bubby...but i aint that big!!! Humph. So now i have no chrissie outfit to wear...bugger!
Soooo...as i started!!!
Merry Christmas to my special blogging friends, and the small amount of people who even read my blog. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment...i appreciate the time you take and it has made this short time of blogging ever so pleasant!
Stay safe, be careful, eat lots, drink lots and see you all soon. Lubs and kisses!


Belinda Saville said...

Hello gorgeous Julz! :) I can't believe I only just found your blog LOL Oh well, better late than never I guess ;)

Sorry to hear about your Xmas outfit...I hope you can find something else fabulous to wear!

Have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow! I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies :)


Julz said...

Hello back gorgeous you!!! And how did you find me? LOL
You take care and look after yourself...i hope you arent feeling ill on the big day!

Mylene said...

And a Merry Christmas to you too Julz!
Hope your Christmas is filled with joy, love and laughter and shared with special friends and family. Hugs, Myléne

Belinda Saville said...

Julz, I actually found your blog via the beautiful Sharon of Mana Moon Studios! You would assume I found you via the Beading Forum, but no, I guess I like to do things the less obvious way ;) LOL

And thank you, the all-day nausea is finally waning so I'm feeling much better! It's going to be a fabulous Christmas :)

Have a great day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous posting my friend, it's such a great feeling to have all the work behind us, isn't it!

I'm so sorry the dress didn't fit, any chance of using a belt? You'll find something perfect to accentuate those fabulous blue eyes. ;-)

Thank you so much for a wonderful year, it's been such an honor getting to know you and sharing in your joys and triumphs. Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with all the same and more.

Merry Christmas dear friend♥

Belinda Saville said...

Julie, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and found something fabulous to wear :)

There is a little something on my blog for you, I hope you like it ;)

Toni said...

Hi Julz!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. I will be firrrrst to see 2009!!! LOL