Monday, September 29, 2008

Faux bone Chanel

Chanel Oldfield is a very talented wire worker and seed beader...we both belong to a wonderful beading forum. Chanel is the lady who I made some custom faux bone cabachons for...a little while back.
Well...exciting for me, she has used some of the create the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. I have to is really exciting to see my polymer clay work made into finished beauty!!!!

Thank you Chanel, you are so you go...piccies for you of the cuff and pendant.


chanel oldfield said...

Thankyou Julz for showing these off!!! I love them!! now on to the turquiose!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gee, I thought I'd posted a comment on this yesterday - sorry! I was just stopping back by to check out that "orangey" hair. You can't make a comment like that and then not show us! ;-)

Back to the posting at hand... absolutely gorgeous work and what a talented artist Chanel is! A very suiting fitting for your gorgeous Cabochons!

Ok, lets see if this comment makes it this time..

Mel said...

Wow Julz, don't your cabs look stunning in that gorgeous setting by Chanel...with a name hers she'd have to have flair wouldn't she?!

Julz said...

Yes Mel, my cabs do look good...thanks to Chanel!!! (gotta love that name.
You are most welcome, Chanel...its been a pleasure seeing your beautiful work. Cant wait too see the turquoise!!!