Monday, September 15, 2008

Galaxy and some Jangles

I have made some more Mokume Gane...yes...i am slightly addicted!!!! ;)
This time i made a cuff and a ring. I like how the cuff feels on...chunky but comfy. I am not fussed on the ring...its abit 'bobbly' for me!!
I like how the colours turned out in this stack...i used some silver leaf in there...but it didnt really show much....enough for a little sparkle.
I also played around with a different effect on my jangles (so named after Joyce...the wonderful lady who shared her idea of using eggrings for bangle blanks) is kinda twisty ( yes a very technical word). I really ro like the effect...but i think i will play around with it abit more...when i have some more time. I would like i to be more textured, rougher. Will see!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous work Julz! I love the styles and the patterns are fabulous! The ring is very cool too. I've seen alot of women wearing the bobble rings and they have such style!