Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monthly Challenge- Mokume Gane

This month (September) we began monthly challenges on our Aussiepolyclayers forum. I was asked to be the hostess for this month and chose the theme...I love mokume gane now and have begun to really understand the whole idea of it was natural I chose this technique to start off with.

The members of this lovely forum really jumped on board and have posted some amazing creations. I wish to thank everyone of them for making this...our first monthly challenge sonmuch fun. I have enjoyed looking at each and every entry. Thank you so much!!!

Here is a sampling of the entries...look here if you want to see them all.
Melanie Dilday


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful idea and those pieces are GORGEOUS!! Hard to believe there are other talented artists such as yourself!

Julz said...

hahaha, make me laugh!!!
There are many talented polymer clayeres out there...who are MUCH, MUCH more talented than I...i do thank you are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm good for a chuckle. ;-) Hey I love that new avatar photo of you Julz, really beautiful!

Julz said...

Thanks Heaps say the nicest things!!! I took a new pic today...of me with orangey

Anna said...

Your jewelry are wonderful, congratulations. have a really beatiful eyes.
Bye Anna