Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Award

Lucky blessed me...has been bestowed with another blog award!!! It is so nice to know that someone reads my wafflings!!!
I have the beautiful and incredibly talented Belinda Saville of Bead Fetish to thank for this award. I love going to visit Belinda's blog...and seeing what she is up too...her seed bead work is inspiring and incredible...all the more so because of the short time she has been beading.
Thank you Belinda, you sweetie.
I am now to pass on this award to other deserved bloggers!!!

Toni Ransfield of Living with Kiwi's...for making me laugh and being my friend

Kim Cavender of Imagine Uncommon Things...for her constant inspiration...always

Marcia Palmer of Polymer Rhythms...so talented!

Zuda Gay of Clay in the Hands...incredible work...I so admire

Tina Holden of Beachcomber...for inspiring!


Toni said...

Julz!! An award for me... blushing thank you darling. Everyone needs to laugh!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful and SO deserved! Isn't Belinda just a gem!! And I'm with you, her work looks as though she's been beading forever! Hope you have a wonderful weekend♥