Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My family

I wanted to share my family and family goings-on with you all.

Firstly a photo of my beautiful daughter Sophie on the day of her Year 12 ball. She looked so lovely and so grown up. Sophie is on the left (dark hair) Emily my eldest daughter is the blonde

We have a very momentous family event occurring next week. My brother, SIL and nephews are moving to the other side of Australia...Mackay, Queensland. Soooo...some of you may think!!! Well...just so you can kind of understand the impact of this upheaval...all of my family have lived in the same place...always!!! So this is the first time one of use has moved away....HUGE!!!!

Here is a pic of Shane (my brother), Yasmin, Logan and Finn.

We had a family BBQ, which provided a good opportunity to take some family photos. I share some with you

I hope that the move is all that they dream of...but GAWD...I will miss them so


Mel said...

Julz, how gorgeous to see you surrounded by your loved ones! I know you'll miss those who are leaving for need to get onto Skype, it's a great video/audio program to keep your guys connected.

Belinda Saville said...

Julz, you have such a gorgeous family. And check out your knockout girls...PHWOARRR! I'm sure you have to beat back all the boys with a big stick LOL

I can imagine how much you'll miss your brother, SIL and nephews, but I hope the move cross country works out well for them. We'll be moving from Sydney to Perth towards the end of this year, or early next year, so at least I'll be closer to you ;) LOL

There is another little award for you on my blog, lovely lady...I hope you like it! ♥

Maryanne said...

Julz ... beautiful family ... and you know, Mackay isn't that bad you know *big cheesy grin*, I'm here!!!!

Julz said...

Oh thanks guys!!! My brother left yesteday:(
Skype...shall look into that Mel.
Belinda...lOL...I thought it was just me wh thought they were so boodiful...I am bias tho. will have to come to Kalg once you are settled in Perth...or vice versa!!!
Thats right Maryanne...I will have to come visit you when I eventually get over that is so bloody far away!!!

Zarina said...

What a gorgeous family you have Julz! Your daughters are knockouts (like their mum)
You all look close so I am sure there'll be lots of keeping in touch.