Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I like a chat...

So perhaps my chats aka meanderings should have a purpose. I see lots of 'Artists' discussing their polymer clay and bead i am jumping on the bandwagon. Perhaps my meanderings should be called...." the meanderings of a non-artist...coz im not an artist...not yet!
Dont let that stop you from joining me in my meanderings...please no!
So...this blog is about polymer clay and beading...and possibly lots of other things that may pop up in my life!!!!!


Cathy said...

HI, just bounced onto your blog while checking out my own. I think you have talent just by looking at the necklace on your blog. Keep dreaming if that is where you find your inspiration! I am not very creative myself, so I buy things to sell on ebay. Don't have the patience to make things but have the desire to. At least you have the patience and the dreams! That may be all you need. Good luck, Cathy

Julz said...

Oh exciting...a comment!
Thank you Cathy...for taking the time! :)

Ms Anonymous said...

Lady don't talk yourself down or I'll come slap you. You stuff rocks the shit. Own it.

ps-I love you! ;-)