Friday, April 25, 2008

My Perth Visit!!!

It was great...i had a BALL!!! I spent way too much money on lots of things...but i needed them all. Especially the beadies!!!

The very lubbly Nat... thank you Nat...came and picked me up for the drive out to Jo's house (we chatted like old mates the whole way...i knew we would ;))... Long way!!! Jo was just how i imagined she would be!!! And we had the yummiest lunch...then it was time to drool over gemmies!!!
I had beadies spead all around cool!!!

Thank you Jo and was awesome to meet you both!!

Nat, Me and Jo
Here i am drooling over the beadies...

My Pretties...i think i got the names right...hehe! You can visit Jo @

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