Friday, April 11, 2008

My cabs...

So prettily dressed up in seedies by Joanne Ivy of Cranberry.
I made these polymer clay cabachons earlier this year...or was it last year??? Well...around the time i became interested in seedies. My first ever cabs!!!! I sent some to Jo...for her to turn into lubbly beaded/ bezelled cabs...Jo is a very talented seed beader. This is what she did with them!
To say I was chuffed...was an understatement!
Thank you Jo!!!


France said...

Wow, what lovely beading (and cabs!)... there's still heaps to learn out there for folks like me, eh?? :)
Nice to see you on the blogs!

Julz said...

Hey...I only know one France :)
And heaps to learn for folks like me too!!! No way i can bead like Jo yet! Thanks France!