Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Put on ya sunnies!!!

I have been trying to build up some stock...with the idea of having an open house in some stage. My beading mojo has been fairly absent of i have had my lubbly friend Mel...being my colour co-ordinator the last few days. We had a slight misunderstanding yesterday...she said " royal blue &/or lime green" she dashed off!!!!!

I read... royal blue and lime green...and then said "WTF"!!! but...

i took up the challenge...and this is what i did..."put on ya sunnies...LOL


France said...

It's not Polymer Clay but it's NICE!!! *VBG* you have a knack for beading! That's always my downfall when I make pendants.... I get tired of the old "black cord/string/buna"... :) I've been braver lately, just a bit!!!
I think "AND" worked very well :)

Julz said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence, France!!!
I love the beading side...putting things together!