Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cabs AHOY!!!

I had a little spend up...spolit myself indeed!!! With lots of cabachons made by Wendy Hearn of Guru Creations. Wendy was having a sale...I cant resist a sale!!! Such pretties!!!
So here I share a photo with you of my cabbie goodness....ENJOY!!!
Arent you jealous!!! ;)


Maryanne said...

LOL Julz ... I did the same thing - bought up big on cabs from Wendy. Yours look gorgeous!!!! :)

Julz said...

Too hard to resist arent they?

Wendylee said...

Now why are they all sitting there like that? Why have you not made somthing with them all by now?

Julz said... bad!!!! be honest...I am enjoying sitting looking at them and playing with them...haha!