Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I got time to clay!!! wooo
I made some little hearts inspired by the DR. Ron Lehocky tute in Feruary Polymer Cafe.
I admire the work that Ron has done for Cerebral Palsy kids in the US...he makes heart brooches and sells them for $10. All proceeds go toward Cerebral Palsy Kids Centre in Louisville, Kentucky.

To date he has sold approx 7,000. Quite a feat!

I thank Ron for the tute!!
And here are my little brooches...I thought they would be fun to wear now that it is getting toward scarf season in Aus...and with my new waistcoats...for which I have a fetish at the mo!!!


squash said...

Wonderful hearts, every one of them!

Maryanne said...

hehehe ... well Julie, you know how I feel about them. :)

Marcia P. said...

Those hearts booches are gorgeous!