Thursday, April 23, 2009


These pendants are interesting and very bright to say the least...they were inspired by an article in a Belle Amoire Jewellery Lori Wilkes.

I loved the different colours and patterns together. But I am not all THAT in love with mine...hehe!!!!

Oh well...its all experience!!!


Maryanne said...

Did you make these Julz?

WOW ... are these the lot that you haven't posted on you know where yet, coz if they are I'll be messaging you soon to see how much these little beauties are.

Maryanne said...

oops... didn't say that I absolutely love them :)

Marcia P. said...

I saw that Lori Wilkes article Julz. Love your interpretation! These will make fabulous focal pieces!

Julz said...

Thanks Maryanne!!! I hope you are happy with them when they arrive!!! hehe!
Hi Marcia...thank you so much!!! I like Lori's eclectic work.

ShonaMac said...

Just gorgeous work julz, they really turned out beautiful. Thanks for all you share. I have awarded you a lemonade award.


Julz said...

Wow Shona...thanks so much...i am honoured!!!