Friday, April 24, 2009

We Make a Good Team!!!

My friend, Mel and I are best mates. We met via the internet and have never met face to face (YET)...but we are so close and miss each other if we dont chat most days (or nights)!!! We know each other well...and we have lots of similarities!!! We both bead, we both love working with Polymer Clay...however we have totally different styles. Which I love.
I wanted to show you a picture of our "team work"!!!
Mel made this necklace yesterday...and MY GAWD...its just so beautiful. My part...I proudly tell the pendant. I sent it to Mel in one of her parcels (we love sending parcels) last year.
So here is is...I am sure you will agree...its lubbly!!!

Pendant made by Julie Doust / necklace made by Melissa Wiergard


squash said...

It's a real beauty! The pendant is just gorgeous ans the necklace perfectly assorted. And that toggle clasp is so nice!

Maryanne said...

oohhh lubbly necklace ... you're right, you make a great team. :)

SharonP said...

That is one gorgeous necklace! I have to make a "pen pal" friend so we can exchange goodies too!

Julz said...

Thanks ladies!!!
hehe Sharon!!! I used to love having a 'pen pal' when i was a youngster!!!